Portable Mini Paper Soap and Stainless Steel Soap


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Annoyed with dirty hands during travel & camping? Now here is the best solution. The Disposable travel soap paper lets you wash your hands nearly anywhere you go. Just add water each sheet enough for one hand washing. This solution is simple and convenient. This portable mini soap is perfect for a business trip, travel, camping, hiking, BBQ or any outdoor activities. Each pack contains 20 sheets.

Rub steel soap and rinse with running water for 30-60 seconds to remove several odors without any detergent.

Can adsorb and decompose toxic gas molecules soak half of the steel soap in a water bowl and place it in the room.

Remove the odor of the pet’s nest, soak half of the steel soap in a water bowl and place it near the pet’s nest.

It can remove most of the odors such as medicine smell, disinfection water smell, banknote smell, gasoline smell, diesel smell etc.

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    Good comes in handy when travelling.

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    Best solution. Good product. Thanks

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    Excellent quality.

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    Super product. I love it.

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    Best quality product.

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    Most useful product ever!!!

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